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Filter Press Feed Pumps

The pump is the true "WORK HORSE" of the entire filtration system. The selection of the optimum pump to feed a filter press will greatly affect the performance of the filtration system. Pump selection and pump maintenance is a key to "on-line time".

The Pump Selection process includes the analysis of:

  • Slurry type and characteristics
  • Filtration objectives
  • Filter press operating pressure (100-300 psi)
  • Filter cake use: product or waste?
  • Filter press size
  • Filter plate design: plate type and porting, cake thickness


Since 1976, Universal Pumping has been specifically designing and selecting filter press pumps for some of the very largest filter press systems in the world. Some of these presses / pumps operate at filtration pressure up to 450 psi (30 bar) and initial flow rates of 2000 gpm are not unusual.

Our program of positive displacement pumps covers the full range of press sizes from the 470mm to the 2m x 2m. We offer the simple design of hydraulically operated EMS Ram Pumps which were first developed for pumping the thick abrasive ceramic slurries for the pottery industry in England in the 1940s, as well as the Piston Membrane/Diaphragm Pumps, which evolved for feeding the presses in the 1960s.

For those of you who have used Progressive Cavity Pumps for feeding the Filter Presses, history shows you spent excessive money and filtration time to maintain the rotors and stators.

Air Diaphragm Pumps are inexpensive; however the energy cost of running the air compressor should be part of the analysis.

Centrifugal Pumps are sometimes the correct selection for filtration processes and we often utilize a combination of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps to offer the optimum design of a complete pumping system.

Contact Universal Pumping for assistance with the design of your Filter Press Feed Pump System.


Grit and Sand Removal

Reliable grit removal from the grit chamber is a necessity to reduce equipment wear from abrasion throughout the wastewater process. The techniques and equipment options have evolved such that the use of Airlift removal of grit which was popular in the 70s & 80s has rapidly faded into history. Many of the old plants which have grit pumps installed in underground tunnels leading to the Vortex grit chamber are finally able to eliminate the “challenging” maintenance work environment with regard to odor from the organics in raw sewerage, confined space, and low light conditions.

Our EMS reciprocating vertical RAM PUMPS are the solutions to these airlifts and underground pumps with above ground mounting. Our RAM PUMPS are also replacing the pumps mounted on the travelling bridge above grit channels.

The EMS Grit Removal Pumps are low horsepower to save energy, are designed for 24/7 constant slow motion “strokes”, and crafted with tungsten carbide parts to insure many years of reliable, low-maintenance operation.

Contact Universal Pumping for more information on the Grit Removal Pump for your manufacturing, industrial or municipal application.


Sludge Transfer & Slurry Pumping

Sludge is generally considered to be a waste slurry generated by an industrial or sewerage treatment process. Sludge can vary widely with regard to its liquids and solids composition. Some sludge may appear to be nothing more than slightly “tainted” water, while other are so thick with solids that it may appear that we can walk on them.

Sludge often contains abrasive matter such as grit, sand, gravel, nuts & bolts, condoms, tampons, hazardous chemicals, waste oils, ores and minerals and other just plain hard to handle materials.

Our EMMERICH AND EMS SLUDGE PUMPS are designed to handle “tough to handle” sludge pumping. We can transfer sludge to a tank 20 feet away or a tank 20 miles away. Our pumps “suck” the sludge from a 30 foot deep pit or basin, and we can feed sludge to a filter press to pressures of 300 psi and 4 floors upstairs.

Our pumps CANNOT feasibly pump all sludge, but we DO pump the sludge other pumps cannot.


  • Acids
  • Beverages
  • Chemical
  • Clay/Kaolin/Ceramics
  • Delicate Shear Sensitive
  • Energy & Power Plants
  • Filter Press Feed
  • Food Products
  • Mining/Ore
  • Steel Works
  • Tailings: Coal, Ore
  • Wine

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