Digester Feed Pumps

No More Clogged Pump or Piping

The EMS Ram Pump - pumps what others can't.
(rotary lobe, progressive cavity, piston membrane, air diaphragm, etc.)

Feedstock: EVERYTHING including Food and Drink Waste, Agricultural Residues/Manures, Crops, Process Residues (Bakery and Brewery Waste, etc.) Sewage Sludge, or any combination thereof.

Bring it on!
If it can be sucked in, we can pump it out!

Flow Range: 23-300 gpm (90-1200 liters/minute)
Discharge Pressures: 0-436 psi (0-30 bar)
Suction Lift: up to 30 Feet (9 meters)

Tungsten carbide coated ram and special "double ball checks" that really "check".


VRM 250 at Biogas Plant

Avonmouth, UK


Primary Sludge Transfer Piston Pump by EMS


Primary Sludge Transfer Pumps



Digester Feed Pump

Elmira, Ontario

Spring 2017

Positive Displacement Pump

Digester Feed Pump

Worcester England

Digester Pump


Factory Testing an EMS Ram Pump

EMS Ram Pump Factory Test

EMS Ram Pump

EMS Robust Pumps for Filter Press Feed, Sludge and Slurry Transfer, Grit, and Food Waste





EMS Pump Size Chart

Click on the Model# for dimensional drawings.



Flow lit/min

Pressure range (bar)

CVR200 Mechanical 60-300 0-4
VRM175 Mechanical 90-210 0-5
VRH175 Hydraulic 90-210 0-50
VRM250 Mechanical 240-420 0-5
VRH250 Hydraulic 240-500 0-50
VRH350 Hydraulic 500-900 0-30
VRH400 Hydraulic 900-1200 0-30
VRH500 Hydraulic 1200-1800 0.30



The heavy duty, hydraulically-driven VRH is the most powerful pump in the range. Available in sizes shown above, the VRH line of EMS RAM PUMPS is suitable for pumping high solids viscous material and features large gravity ball type sludge check valves.


  • Suitable for continuous use
  • Slow speed operation
  • Huge suction draws thick sludge
  • Numerous hydraulic and electronic control designs & options
  • Up to 500m delivery head
  • Up to 30 lit/sec flow
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Duplex and triplex options with near laminar flow



The mechanically-driven VRM is one of the most popular pumps in the range. The mechanical arrangement features vee belts, a reduction gearbox and a crankshaft final drive providing a basic, simple to understand driveline. VRM Pumps are available in various sizes.

Sludge non-return valves come in various designs and can be positioned in-line or at right angles to each other allowing the pump to be installed in tight spaces. All VRM pumps create a suction vacuum equivalent to 9 meters (30 ft) static suction lift.


    • Suitable for continuous use 24/7
    • Slow speed, quiet operation
    • Huge suction draws thick sludge up to 15%ds
    • Simple construction
    • Up to 50m (165 ft) delivery head
    • Up to 6.5 lit/sec (103 gpm)
    • Minimal maintenance

    Pump Capabilities

    • Flow Rates: 15-475 GPM /(3-108 m3/hr)
    • Suction Lift: 9 meters /(30 feet)


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